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General Informations


Cameroon - Key data

Surface area: 475,000 km
42 official national languages
15 million inhabitants
32 persons per km
45% of the population is under 15
Women’s life expectancy is 56, men’s life expectancy is 53
Average pro capita annual income is USD 500.-


The OBANG an undeveloped jungle area in south Cameroon. The typically African rural population ekes a living from subsistence-scale farms.

The jungle offers its dwellers all they need for their homes and their daily survival. But cash is still necessary for certain basic essentials: for salt, oil for bush lamps, second-hand clothing from Europe and medicines and school fees for their children.

After toilsomely paying for salt, oil and clothing, there is no money left for medicine and schooling.

Most of the schools founded and run by the Basler Mission were taken over by the government.
In OBANG, the local population attaches great value to their children’s schooling. But most classrooms are in poor condition.

Traveling craftsmen, including carpenters and masons trained by the Martin Stucki Foundation, go from village to village building and repairing schools and classrooms with the prepared materials.

Education and health in OBANG relies largely on the support of our Foundation.