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Sponsoring + Partnerschaften

You can support the Martin Stucki Foundation by:

making project-specific donations

buying or renting a painting by Martin C. Stucki

holding charity exhibitions at clubs, associations or other organisations

making funds available through Martin C. Stucki’s painting in the Atelier Burgensis in Teuffenthal. Each year, some CHF 100,000 are invested in ongoing projects. The Foundation is seeking new sources of funding to develop its ongoing projects and secure its activities and is looking for new sponsors for individual projects.

Thank you letter


Martin C.Stucki-Stirn
Burghalten 16 CH-3623 Teuffenthal
Tel. +41 33 442 10 00
Fax +41 33 442 20 00

DC Bank3000 Bern 7
Martin-Stucki-Stiftung 30-38141-6IBAN CH10 0839 7016 4857 3330 7

Raiffeisenbank Steffisburg
CH-3612 Steffisburg
Martin-Stucki-Stiftung IBAN CH96 8081 7000 0044 5051 7