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Martin C.Stucki

Martin C. Stucki

As a pedagogue:
Martin Stucki worked for the Basler Mission in Cameroon for several years. He served as the Mamfe Division school inspector and built up and ran the Nyasoso teachers’ college.

As a regular officer in the Swiss army:
on his return to Switzerland, Martin Stucki was successively appointed commander of the Mech Rgt 6, general staff instructor and chief of staff of the Mech Div 11; as a brigadier, he was appointed director of the Federal Dept for transport troops and later, commander of the Military School at the ETH Zurich.

As an artist:
Martin Stucki started painting at an early age and soon developed his own powerful art language which exerts an endless fascination on observers. When he retired, the hobby he cultivated throughout his career became his new artistic profession. Today, Stucki is a well-known artist. He systematically invests the proceeds from the sale of his work in the Foundation’s projects.

Martin C.Stucki