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The Foundation

Purpose and objectives

The Foundation is an independent, stand-alone, private non profit organisation which was first founded as an aid organisation in 1993 and became a foundation in 2002.
It supports and promotes schools in the african jungle, in the Obang area of Cameroon. It funds its work with Martin C. Stucki’s painting, organises charity art exhibitions and sells and rents its art works.

Its prime concern is chils welfare. The Foundation’s main purpose is to ensure that the children in the villages of the Obang region in Cameroon have the opportunity to attend school on a regular basis.

The Board of the Foundation

Board of Trustees

Ursula Haller, former member of the National Council, President
Roy Oppenheim, publisher, Vice President
Gertrud Schor, entrepreneur
Willy-Benz Jaggi, former ambassador
Niklaus Gadient, lawyer
Dr. Martin C. Stucki-Stirn, founder of the foundation
head office
Stefanie Gerber Frösch
unico thun ag, Niesenstrasse 1, CH-3601 Thun
Regulatory Authority
Eidgenössische Stiftungsaufsicht, Bern